2013 Brandborg Vineyard Gewürztraminer

2013 Brandborg Vineyard Gewürztraminer

Elkton Oregon
Umpqua Valley
Southern Oregon

14.1% alcohol

Screwcap closure

507 cases produced

Live-certified and salmon safe

This is a perfect example of an Oregon white wine with some age on it! Elkton is a tiny AVA found within the larger Umpqua Valley appellation and the grapes grown there have pretty high acid levels. Acidity is a natural preservation agent, allowing this wine to age beautifully.

It’s got a screwcap too so toss it in your backpack with an icepack to enjoy at the summit of your next hike or on a picnic in the park. So portable and so delicious! Now that Brandborg Vineyard has properly cellared this wine, all you need to do is buy and drink it!


This dry gewürztraminer smells like sun-ripened casaba melons out in a dusty field and meadow flower honey.


I tasted both the honey and melon notes from the aromatics, combined with lychees and ginger snap cookies. It’s got a generous, full mouthfeel with a long, spicy ginger finish.

Food pairing suggestions:

Crab spaghetti with lemon and garlic gremolata, marinated peanut tempeh, artichoke and feta tarts, anything spicy works too!

SRP $20


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