2016 Mellen Meyer Vine(archy)

2016 Mellen Meyer Vine(archy)

Willamette Valley

Mellen Meyer is an Oregon winery that only produces sparkling wines. That’s some serious dedication to bubbles, eh? Winemaker and co-owner Bobby Rowett started his own wine label in 2013 after having worked with winemakers in France, Idaho, Oregon and Australia.

All of his sparkling wines are made in the méthode champenoise style, meaning that a second fermentation occurs in the bottle before the wine is considered finished. However, making wine this way is a time consuming and expensive endeavor so he decided to diversify and came up with this bubbly wine.

Vine(archy) is riesling aged for two years, then carbonated with bubbles and bottled with a crown cap (like a beer bottle). I don’t know of anyone else in Oregon who is aging a wine for two years like this, then shooting it with carbonation. The result is a well-rounded sparkling wine with exuberant bubbles. It’s a fun wine at a crazy cheap price, at least by Oregon wine standards.

Aromas and flavors: Tart fruit notes of green apple and asian pears danced around distinctly riesling qualities of petrol and rubber (like a new pair of kicks).

Food pairing suggestions: Potato chips, sweet pea hummus and carrot sticks, green curry dishes.

SRP $15


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