2019 Plaisance Ranch Ginet rosé
2019 Plaisance Ranch Ginet rosé

Applegate Valley,
Rogue Valley,
Southern Oregon,

11.3% alcohol

Cork closure

Recently, we took a trip down to Oregon’s Applegate Valley and visited Plaisance (pronounced PLAY-zonce) Ranch while we were there. Owners Joe and Suzi have such an interesting history, first running a dairy farm for years, all the while working toward their dream of growing grapes and making wine. Eventually, they segued from dairy cows to raising free-range beef cattle and achieved their lifelong goal of growing grapes and making wine. Follow this link to read their story in a recent Why Wine? interview.

During our visit, we learned that all the Plaisance Ranch wines tasting notes are written by a Southern Oregon poet (and friend of the Ginet family). Here’s the poem she wrote describing the 2019 Plaisance Ranch Ginet rosé:

“Life is short. So is the time this Mourvèdre Rosé sat with the grape skins to achieve its lovely blush—just six hours. What can you achieve in six hours? Plenty. But we’d like to suggest an alfresco luncheon with dear friends—the kind that lasts into evening around a big table laden with bowls of green apples, guavas, and a mix of citrus…and several bottles of Ginet Rosé.”

Bouquet and Palate:

This dry rosé is made using Mourvèdre grapes and was only left on the skins for six hours. The result is a lovely salmon pink colored wine with fruity notes of strawberries, rainier cherries, and cherry jam. The mouthwatering finish of this rosé leaves you longing for another sip…yum!

Food pairing suggestions:

Fresh corn galette with zucchini, thyme, and goat cheese, linguine pasta with pesto sauce, satay prawns with green papaya salad.

SRP $20


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