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Since we live in the Pacific Northwest, an area where the wine industry is booming, Winerabble’s content is generally focused on wines from the Western US. Between Oregon, Washington and California, we lead the nation in acres of grapes as well as tons of wine produced. We also work in the Oregon wine industry, frequently meeting the winemakers, visiting the wineries and making personal connections with those producing the wines we drink. We have a thirst to learn more about wine so if you have a take on wines made here or elsewhere, please help to educate our readers and writers! We always love to hear from you.

Wine shouldn’t be about snobbery but about fun. Let us help you figure out your likes and dislikes. That way you can make more educated decisions and find wines you like to drink rather than just rolling the dice on a bottle, hoping you’ll enjoy what you taste. We believe that drinking wine is a great social activity too- and try to get the word out about wine events that are near and dear to our hearts!

Michele Francisco

With over 20 years of writing and marketing experience, she is excited to share her knowledge, experiences and formal education with both consumers and wine-related businesses. After attending the wine program at Chemeketa College, including a number of technical tasting courses, she is educated in the flaws and faults of wines and loves judging wine competitions.

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Matt Talbot

Matt Talbot likes wine. Some varietals he prefers more than others. He enjoys learning about wine. But what he likes most about wine is the journey. The act of going tasting, exploring new areas of the country, discovering new wineries and wine makers, visiting towns off the beaten path-these are the things he enjoys the most about wine. Traveling and drinking, like peanut butter and jelly, go together seamlessly like wine and chocolate.

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