Looking for some bubbles to help ring in the New Year? Don’t feel like you need to stick with traditional Champagnes from France, which can often be expensive. Italy makes sparkling wines, called Prosecco, with prices that won’t leave you with buyer’s remorse. There are many readily available Proseccos at either your local grocery store or wine shop.

Most are made in the charmat or Italian method, meaning the wine is forced into second fermentation while in a tank, rather than in the bottle. This second fermentation is what produces the bubbles in the wine. While much less labor-intensive, it’s also less expensive and produces wines that should be enjoyed within a year or two of their release.

Prosecco should be served chilled and pairs beautifully with many foods or can be sipped by itself. Experiment with different flavors as you enjoy it. Note that salty potato chips really kick the bubbles into high gear.

Suggested Processo sparkling wine:

Clara C

Fiori di Prosecco Rosé

Sparkling Rosé Wine Brut

Produced by the famous Cantinae di Clara C in Italy

11.5% alcohol

$13 SPR

The color is a gorgeous peachy pink with a nice head of fizzy bubbles. This sparkling rosé prosecco smells of summer on a dusty road with freshly harvested peaches, strawberries, mangos and pineapples. It tastes of tart rosehips as the delicate bubbles dance across the tongue. With a lot of acidity, the strawberry finish is very food friendly.

Plan early for your New Year’s celebration. Visit your local wine retailer now. Waiting until the last minute will leave you with a very limited selection of bubbles!

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