Date:September 19, 2014

2011 Brooks Winery Janus Pinot noir

Brooks soil2011 Brooks Winery Janus Pinot noir

Willamette Valley AVA


his Pinot noir is the flagship of Brooks Winery and they consider it the ultimate expression of the varietal. It’s named after Janus, the God who represents balance for new beginnings and endings, the future and the past, and the connecting doorways. Made entirely with fruit sourced from the Willamette Valley fruit, it possesses aromas of black pepper, cherries, tea roses and a distinct earthiness. This Pinot noir is filled with cherries, tart cranberries, black pepper and a kiss of both oak and earth.

Open this bottle an hour or two before you expect to drink it and pour a few ounces into a glass to allow for more air exposure. Give it a taste when you first open it so you can better understand how oxygen can enhance a wine. By pouring a bit out of the bottle, you’ve increased the surface area in which air can come into contact with, thereby increasing the technique of decanting the wine.

SRP $38

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