2011 Kramer Vineyards Chardonnay

Kramer Vineyards Chardonnay2011 Kramer Vineyards Chardonnay

Kramer Vineyard
Willamette Valley AVA


ade by Oregon winemakers, this Chardonnay ain’t the buttery version found to the south of the state. And thank goodness for that! Oregon is still trying to define its style for Chardonnay and Kim Kramer, second generation winemaker, is taking over many of the responsibilities of vineyard maintenance and winemaking from her parents Trudy & Keith. Kim is forging a new road for Chardonnay unlike most everyone else.

All Dijon clone, this sunshine yellow-colored wine had bright acidity and distinct minerality, common traits of the 2011 vintage. As we swirled, citrus smells of lemons and limes practically burst out of our glasses. Slightly more subtle were aromas of white peaches, apricots, wet stone and a pleasant end-of-summer dustiness.

On our palates, we felt the strong mineral and citrus notes while still exhibiting a lush mouthfeel. Acid hounds will love this Chardonnay! The wine’s finish went on and on, which started a brainstorm on what it would pair well with in terms of food. Fettuccine alfredo, clams, a double or triple cream brie all would pair beautifully with this Chardonnay. We think the acidity would cut right through the creamy and make for a pretty fun party in your mouth!

SRP $20.


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