Date:December 20, 2015

2013 Chehalem Wines Three Vineyard Pinot noir

2013 Chehalem Wines Three Vineyard Pinot noir

2013 Chehalem Wines Three Vineyard Pinot noir

Willamette Valley AVA

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inery founder Harry Pederson-Nedry has been making wine in Oregon’s Willamette Valley since 1980. With equal doses of charm and skill, his winemaking approach can best be described as calculated and scientific. He enjoys experimenting, some might even say pushing the envelope when making wines for Chehalem. And, as any good scientist will do, he establishes a control group in order to measure his degree of success.

So after several years of trials, Harry decided to convert the entire winery over to Stelvin closures (screw caps) from traditional cork stoppers. And we think his decision has paid off after having the opportunity to taste ten vintages side-by-side! With the slightest exception of the two oldest Pinots, each wine had a consistent brightness to it– youthful tasting with tart cranberries in each sip.

A beautiful bing cherry red, the Three Vineyard Pinot noir is a cuvée blend of grapes from their three vineyard sites; Stoller, Corral Creek and Ridgecrest. Noses in our glasses, we smelled tart cranberries, black cherries, rose hips and mocha, then tasted those same flavors when we sipped. We also tasted dusty summer blueberries on the long finish. Harry described the mouthfeel as lithe and playful– and we thought those two words perfectly captured it. We loved how this wine sucked all the moisture out of our mouths, literally making us want another sip.

Besides making excellent wine, Chehalem does a great job of making Harry’s harvest and vintage notes available. In fact, each label is covered in geeky wine details. Their website also is a great resource for anyone who wants to dig a little deeper into Chehalem wines.

Drink this wine with chicken tortilla soup, pork chops or a roasted vegetable pot pie.

SRP $32.

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