Date:August 07, 2015

2013 Cornerstone Stepping Stone Chenin blanc

2013 Cornerstone Stepping Stone Chenin blanc2013 Cornerstone Stepping Stone Chenin blanc

Napa Valley AVA


henin blanc, oh how the Winerabblers love you. One of the most memorable wines we’ve tried together was an Oregon Chenin blanc made by a winery that has since gone out of business. Ever since that wine, we never turn down the opportunity to sip Chenin blanc!

Stepping Stone, Cornerstone Cellar’s everyday wine label, uses grapes grown in California’s Napa Valley. We have found that the Cornerstone Cellar’s wines tend to have more acidity than the usual stuff we taste from California. This Chenin blanc was no exception to our general observation; it had nice minerality and tart grapefruit notes!

Pale yellow in color with tart aromas that made our mouths water, this wine smelled of grapefruit, lemons and fresh rain. On the palate, we tasted abundant grapefruit and granny smith apples with a kiss of grass and a lemon finish. As the wine warmed in our glasses, we found it tasted more of peaches and honeydew melons with notes of honey on the long finish.

Pair this wine with pear & blue cheese salad, a grilled gruyere cheese sandwich or roasted chicken.

SRP $25.

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