2013 Ledger David Dark Night Red Wine

2013 Ledger David Dark Night Red Wine

2013 Ledger David Dark Night Red Wine

Rogue Valley sub AVA
Southern Oregon AVA


ased in Southern Oregon, the winery Ledger David is named after the founders’ sons. Their vineyard has a number of different grape varietals planted, including Tempranillo, the primary grape in their Dark Night red blend. With only 300 cases produced in 2013, this wine will likely sell out quickly.

A stunning royal purple color, the Dark Night is appropriately named given its inkiness and opacity. On the nose we smelled the ripe fruits and berries of summer; black plums and Oregon marionberries coupled with cherry jam and notes of rhubarb.

The Dark Night spent 17 months aging in French oak barrels, with 17% new and the remainder used in prior vintages. That extended age time allowed this wine to develop very structured tannins, creating something that could be put away for years. We recommend buying several bottles and opening one now, then another next year and another after that to see how the wine has changed and evolved with more time in the bottle.

With a hefty mouthfeel and flavors of many things black; including black plums, black currants, black cherries and blackberries, we also tasted hibiscus and chocolate. This wine had excellent acidity due to the warm days and cool nights in the Talent area where the vineyard is perched. The finish was long and pleasing, a nice balance of acid and oak.

If you plan to open this bottle for your holiday meal, we would suggest decanting the wine or, if you don’t have a decanter, opening the bottle an hour or two before eating and pouring some into a glass. This brings the wine level in the bottle down to the “shoulders,” thereby increasing the overall surface area of the wine to air. Once it has a chance to breathe a bit, the tannins soften and become even more lush in the mouth.

This wine would pair beautifully with a creamy green bean casserole, turkey covered in gravy as well as pizza, laden with a good tomato sauce.

SRP $33.


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  1. Pech Reply

    Ok this wine with a creamy casserole sounds divine!

    • Michele Francisco
      Michele Francisco Reply

      Pech- I know, right?! We have another bottle and might have to plan a casserole dish around its opening.

  2. Aubrie LeGault Reply

    Mmmm. I really enjoyed this winery. I have a few bottles at home, I can’t wait to open them up and share a drink with a friend.

    • Michele Francisco
      Michele Francisco Reply

      Aubrie- we haven’t gotten down to Southern Oregon for wine tasting but Ledger David is on our list when we do. Have you got other suggestions?

  3. Erin Reply

    Oh! I love the southern Oregon grapes with their bigger body and richer flavor. I should definitely give this a try!

    • Michele Francisco
      Michele Francisco Reply

      Hi Erin- oh you will love this wine then!

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