Date:March 17, 2016

2014 Contadino Pinot grigio

2014 Contadino Vivaci Pinot grigio

2014 Contadino Pinot grigio



ere’s another Trader Joe’s wine that we pick up on a regular basis. It’s a nice, slightly bubbly, Pinot grigio from Italy with a distinct label that’s easy to find on their shelves. Do yourself a favor and don’t wait until summer to try this Italian sipper!

Very pale in color, this wine smelled of meyer lemons, bananas, pears and lemon head candies. In fact, it’s a mashup of many familiar childhood aromas. On the palette, we found it to be slightly spritzy and very clean with flavors of fresh rain, asian and bosc pears as well as tart lemon bars on the finish.

Pair with chicken kabobs, crispy brown butter gnocchi (click here for the recipe on Blue Apron) or a pear and gorgonzola salad topped with hazelnuts.

SRP $4.99

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  1. Alexander Hall Reply

    Excellent wine … absolutely, as well as for the price!
    However, we have been experiencing great difficulty
    opening your bottles. More than a couple of times, we
    were unable to open due to the fact that the cap is too
    tightly sealed onto the bottle threads. Using a tool, such
    as a wrench (yes, it can be that tight!), risks breaking the
    glass bottle’s neck. We now have encountered difficulty
    with the third bottle so far this year. We hate returning them
    to Trader Joe’s for this reason. Please try to resolve this
    issue ASAP so we may continue to enjoy your wine.

    • Michele Francisco
      Michele Francisco Reply

      Hi Alex- While I’m sorry to hear about your difficulties in opening this particular wine, I can’t do much to help fix the issue since I don’t work for the winery. But I can suggest trying a couple things when opening screw caps: 1) Hold onto the top with one hand and with the other, twist the bottle. Most every time I’ve seen a bottle opened this way, it works beautifully. This seems to be a much more effective way to open bottles rather than trying to unscrew the cap and 2) use a silicon trivet or oven bit as they grip really well, giving you more leverage with which to open the bottle. Good luck with future bottles and thanks for reading, Michele

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