Date:March 14, 2015

2014 Rallison Cellars Pinot gris

2014 Rallison Cellars Pinot gris2014 Rallison Cellars Pinot gris

Horseleap Vineyard
Willamette Valley AVA


f you had blindfolded the Winerabblers when we smelled this wine, we would have pegged it as a Sauvignon blanc from New Zealand! But it’s made from fruit grown in a vineyard that’s less than 7 acres in the northern Willamette Valley. In fact, Rallison Cellars receives all the Pinot gris grown in the vineyard, just  a ½ acre in total.

This wine practically looked like water in our glasses, with only the slightest wisp of colored hue. Grass and grapefruit leapt out as we stuck our noses near the rims. Hence the Sauvignon blanc reference. Also on the nose were floral aromas of white flowers including gardenias and lilies. As we tasted it was as if we had bitten into an unripe apricot that magically ripened the longer we held the wine in our mouths. This ripe apricot finish lingered until the next sip.

Pair this unique Willamette Valley Pinot gris with a summer salad, oysters or a white fish, hot off the grill.

SRP $23

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