2016 Chehalem Rosé of Pinot noir

2016 Chehalem Rosé of Pinot noir

2016 Chehalem Rosé of Pinot noir

Willamette Valley

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First we need to say that this rosé was the prettiest shade of pink in our glasses! It’s a happy color and hopefully this wine makes you just as happy as it did us. Made by skilled second generation winemaker Wynne Peterson-Nedry, this wine really reflects her personality! It’s fun and fruity but also layered and jazzy, whereas you might say Wynne is a blend of goofy fun and nerdy scientist. Winerabbler Michele loves finding wines that match their makers.

This rosé was filled to the brim with cranberries, raspberries and bing cherries. Then the layers kicked in and we tasted hints of bubblegum and black pepper with a lemon zest finish. The winery’s tasting notes mention powdered kool-aid and after we read that, we could taste it too.

Pair this wine with friends lounging by the pool, sunshine, concerts in the park as well as a summer berry spinach salad or fried chicken.

Chehalem Winery is celebrating Oregon Wine Month by offering to donate $40,000 of free wine to local charities! AMAZING! Click here to read more and know that each bottle of wine you buy, goes to funding great things like this. And if you run a nearby non-profit, go apply for your wine today!

SRP $22.


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  1. Erin @ Platings and Pairings Reply

    I had a chance to try Chehalem’s Rose a couple weeks ago and really loved all the flavors that it had going on. A perfect summer sipper!

    • Michele Francisco
      Michele Francisco Reply

      We totally agree!

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