Date:October 20, 2016

Caribe Exotic Delivers a Healthy Taste of the Tropics

Caribe Exotic is about more than a tropical treat for taste buds. It is a solution for a struggling agricultural industry in the Dominican Republic. Created by Luis Solis and Cristian Robiou, the startup company offers two lines of exotic fruit juices in addition to cold-pressed coconut waters naturally preserved with lime juice.

The idea for Caribe Exotic came to life while Solis was attending school in Charlottesville, VA for his MBA. During a trip home to the Dominican Republic Solis noted that small farmers were selling fruit like mangos that are often priced for over a dollar in the U.S. for pennies because they had no access to better markets for their crops. An opportunity was recognized and Solis decided to find a way to start a company that brought his favorite tropical juices to the U.S. while supporting small farmers.

“When I was growing up in the Dominican Republic, I always had natural, fresh tasting, nutrient packed juices at my fingertips,” said Solis. “When I moved to the US for college my favorites were nowhere to be found. My juice options were reduced to orange, apple and grape. Our goal with Caribe Exotic is to introduce the American palate to beverages normally only experienced on a vacation to the tropics while creating a market for fruit grown by small farmers in the Dominican Republic that would normally be left to rot or sold way under market value.”

Caribe Exotic is currently available in two versions, the “Cana” line and a “lite” line. The Cana lines uses fresh pressed cane juice to sweeten. The lite line uses organic smart sweeteners (stevia, monk fruit, and erythritol). Each line has four flavors: Passion Fruit, Starfruit Limeade, Guava, and Acerola. And a new flavor, Mango Mix, is just being released in the Cana line.

In addition to its juices, Caribe Exotic also offers a coconut water line. Caribe Exotic coconut water is never heated and is instead preserved naturally using lime juice to protect the nutritional benefits of the coconut.

Caribe Exotic products are currently available for $2.99 per bottle at Whole Foods stores in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland as well as other retailers throughout the region and in Miami, FL. For more information and to find a retailer visit:

About Caribe Exotic

Entrepreneurs Luis Solis and Cristian Robiou started Caribe Exotic with two goals. One, to bring fresh, tropical fruit juices they had grown up drinking in the Dominican Republic to the U.S. market. And two, to create a business that supported small local farmers in the Dominican Republic who were struggling to find markets for their crops. Using natural sweeteners and special processing methods, the duo has been able to create a low calorie low sugar beverage that does more than simply refresh the person enjoying its taste.


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