Date:April 13, 2016

Gorge Wine Experience 2016

Columbia River Gorge, OR/ WA – April 13, 2016– After several years of a very successful Passport event, the Columbia Gorge Wine region has decided to take it to the next level. “As Passport became more and more successful, many of our loyal customers decided to stay away during Passport time, not wanting to fight the crowds” said one winery owner. “They told us they’d be back when they could actually talk to us!”

The Columbia Gorge has always been known for its friendliness, hospitality and laid-back style and with great intention, it will stay that way. Now that the region has become known for such quality and diversity of wine, the visitors have increased significantly, but one can expect to see an increase in opportunities to enjoy Gorge Wine the way it was always intended; surrounded in beauty, relaxation and hospitality.

Just over two weeks away- the first of its kind- is an event to top all other events!

Gorge Wine Experience

April 29 – May 1, 2016 (Friday-Sunday)

A three-day celebration of everything that makes Gorge wine exceptional

For one, delightful weekend the Columbia Gorge Winegrowers are bringing together wine lovers, winemakers, winegrowers and chefs to celebrate the ultimate experience of wine!

Over this 3-day celebration, 20 events are offered throughout the Columbia Gorge to highlight the various intricacies of wine, all intended to elevate one’s future enjoyment. The events, ranging from an elegant soiree to behind-the-scenes tours and intimate dining opportunities have been separated into 4 different themes to help one customize their experience and attend those that are of the most interest. One can join for a single event, or spend the whole weekend immersing in the glory of wine and the wonderful people who create it.

Each ticket holder will receive a VIP Pass, which entitles them to special benefits at surrounding wineries, restaurants and lodging facilities throughout the weekend.

Full details are here:

About Gorge Wine

The land, the people and the lifestyle define winemaking here. The area is enriched with a strong sense of adventure and taking the “road less traveled.” The winemakers here are iconoclasts and trailblazers, making extraordinary artisan wines in a place of incredible wild beauty. With access to over 40 different premium grape varietals grown within this 40 mile stretch, the wine lover’s palate never grows weary. Inside this 40 mile stretch is an extraordinary combination of climates, soils, elevation and geology, providing some of the best and most varied grape varieties in the Pacific Northwest and thus the Columbia Gorge AVA is affectionately referred to as “A World of Wine in 40 Miles.”


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