Date:November 07, 2016

“High-Proof PDX,” Forthcoming Guidebook to Distillery Tasting in Portland Launches Cocktail Union

November 7, 2016 – Portland, Ore. – “High-Proof PDX,” forthcoming guidebook to distillery tasting in Portland, announces the launch of High-Proof PDX Cocktail Union, a monthly email subscription highlighting exclusive cocktails made in the Portland area with local spirits. Participants include distillers, bartenders, and drink enthusiasts dedicated to celebrating and advancing Portland- and Oregon-made spirits.

Cocktails featured in the Cocktail Union will be made in Portland area bars and restaurants with spirits distilled, bottled, or finished in Portland, and the state of Oregon. Additional cocktails made with local spirits not included in monthly email updates will be featured on the Instagram account of the forthcoming guidebook.

Cocktail Union brings distillers, bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts together to inspire and appreciate a shared love of spirits made in Portland and the state of Oregon. Interested parties can join the Cocktail Union by signing up here.

 Bars, restaurants and distillers may participate by sending details of proposed cocktails to Bars, restaurants and distilleries may also tag photos of cocktails with the hashtag #highproofpdx to be featured throughout the month. Cocktail Union members can expect exclusive discounts, special offers, and coveted giveaways.
About “High-Proof PDX”

“High-Proof PDX” is the first-ever comprehensive print guidebook to navigating the city’s local distilling and cocktail scene— for when you’re lost, hungry, or hungover. Forthcoming fall 2017 by Overcup Press. The “High-Proof PDX” brand incorporates the forthcoming book with an online and social presence, and now membership to the Cocktail Union. Followers can read the blog or follow on Instagram for updates on distilling and cocktail events and news awaiting the release of the book.

About Karen Locke, Author

Karen Locke works full-time as a content strategist and marketer. She began writing about Portland food and drink from inside dimly lit bars in 2011. As a writer, her work has appeared in magazines, newspapers, and websites including Willamette Week, MIX magazine, Tales of the Cocktail, The Drink Nation, Drink Portland, MISE, Citysearch, and more. Karen was editor of Drink Portland for over two years prior to launching “High-Proof PDX.”


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