Date:September 29, 2016

Local Saké Strikes Gold in London

KITTERY, Maine, September 29, 2016 — Blue Current, a saké brewery in Kittery, Maine, picked up a gold medal at the 2016 London Saké Challenge, held at Harrods in London in August. A jury of the world’s best saké professionals from the Saké Sommelier Association recognized and rewarded the most outstanding premium sakés from around the world. Blue Current’s junmai ginjo was one of only two American-brewed sakés to be honored the top prize.

Dan Ford, the tōji (master brewer) at Blue Current, is now entering his third brewing season.

“For me this is an incredible honor,” said Ford. “We are thrilled as a young brewery to be given a gold medal alongside some Japanese breweries that have been brewing for more than an average of 160 years. Four of them were founded before 1800.”

He continued, “We have always stated that we are brewing to please American palates and to bring the experience of premium saké to North America. This is all the more validation that the path we’ve chosen and the flavors we’re developing truly honor Japan’s saké tradition, and that we are earning attention from all saké lovers.”

The London Saké Challenge invites certified saké sommeliers from all over the world, including Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Korea, the United States, and other countries, to evaluate each saké individually for taste, bouquet, and bottle design. The bottles are covered to allow for a “blind” test. Afterwards, the sakés are judged for label elegance and packaging.

Blue Current’s premium saké is for sale in the U.S., in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, and now in the UK, with plans for further expansion in the U.S., and abroad in the next year.
About Blue Current Brewery
Blue Current Brewery (BCB), located in Southern Maine, hand crafts saké (aka rice wine) in small batches using traditional methods and the finest natural ingredients. Maine’s pure water is one of the most important ingredients in the artisan brew to be crafted here on the southern Maine seacoast. BCB produces a junmai ginjo premium saké and is also distributed in Maine. For more information, please visit


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