Date:March 20, 2017

MIR Corp Announces NEW Overland Mongolia Expedition

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(Seattle, WA) – Mongolia conjures images of vast grasslands, wind-swept steppe and endless sky. Here an empire built on horseback galloped across two continents, leaving behind the names Genghis and Kublai Khan. Follow their lead on this tour, using the horsepower of modern vehicles to cover incredible distances across the heart of Mongolia. Highlights include: overnighting in traditional gers; exploringHustai Nuruu National Park; visiting the UNESCO-listed Erdene Zhu monastery; discovering the Flaming Cliffs and the Yol Am Canyon in the Gobi Desert; and encountering the nomads who call this formidable environment home. The 14-day tour culminates at the extraordinary Naadam Festival, where the ancient skills of that nomadic army are preserved. Slated for June 30 – July 14, this journey starts at $7,695 per person.  For more information, visit or call MIR Corporation at 1-800-424-7289 or visit

Days 1-4: UlaanBaatar, Lake Hovsgol – Begin in UlaanBaatar, where the centuries-old Buddhist heritage is still vital. Tour some of the city’s treasures before flying north to alpine Lake Hovsgol, sacred to Mongolians. Sleep in traditional gers, and explore the summer pastureland of reindeer and yak on foot and horseback.

Days 5-7: UlaanBaatar, Hustai Nuruu, Khogna Khan, Kara Korum – Return to UlaanBaatar before setting off overland to Kara Korum, the site of Genghis Khan’s all-but-vanished capital city. On the drive out to the former capital, stop at Hustai Nuruu National Park, home to the Przewalski horse, the last remaining species of truly wild horse in the world, and sleep in a ger in the mountains of Khogna Khan. Visit the splendid UNESCO-listed Erdene Zhu monastery, built with stones salvaged from the ruins of Kara Korum.

Days 8-11: Gobi Desert – Continue on an adventurous overland route through the Mongolian outback to the Gobi, stopping en route at lost monasteries and remote ger camps. During the epic journey, discover the Flaming Cliffs and the green Yol Am Canyon, and climb the sand dunes at Moltsog Els. Along the way, encounter the nomads who call this formidable environment home.

Days 12-14: UlaanBaatar – Fly back to UlaanBaatar. Experience the pageantry of the fascinating Naadam Festival, a celebration of Mongolia’s ageless traditions, and finish with a remarkable performance of Mongolian throat-singing.

About MIR Corporation

MIR Corporation, whose name means “peace” and “world” in Russian, has specialized in Russia (and neighboring countries) since 1986. Offering scheduled and custom journeys to Russia, along the Trans-Siberian and across the Silk Route, MIR’s Seattle-based experts design imaginative trips that take travelers far from the familiar, and work closely with local affiliates in Western Russia, Siberia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan to carry them out. MIR has twice been named one of National Geographic Adventure’s “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth,” and is a preferred operator for museum, alumni and special interest organizations across the country.


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