Date:March 06, 2017

Presenting the “Serve Loud” Hand-Crafted, Ultra Premium Brand Rock N Roll Tequila

Delray Beach, FL  March 6, 2017  Rock N Roll Tequila (, a new brand of triple distilled platinum tequila at “silver” pricing ($49.95), is rolling out its “Serve Loud” Tour in select cities and at celebrity events across the country. Rock N Roll Tequila is redefining the category of superior, ultra-premium tasting tequila, now available for one and all. Rock N Roll Tequila is packaged in uniquely designed, glass guitar bottles with a patented, 50 ML bottle top known as a “roadie” which provides an extra two shots of platinum tequila.

Rock N Roll Tequila’s three types, Platinum, Mango and Cristalino are hand-crafted, and are made with 100% pure blue agave grown in Highlands (Los Altos) of Jalisco, Mexico.  Details on each type include:

  • Platinum: Hand-crafted, triple distilled, made with 100% pure highlands blue agave – making it one of the smoothest-tasting tequilas on the planet.


  • Mango: Double distilled with 100% pure highlands blue agave, with highest quality natural mango flavor with no added sugar. Mangois becoming increasingly popular for people who don’t normally drink tequila because of its sweet citrus notes and super smooth finish.


  • Cristalino:Añejo Tequila this is uniquely distilled, aged and filtered crystal clear, making it cleaner and healthier than other Añejo tequilas.Cristalino is also made with 100% pure highlands blue agave, barrel-aged for 2 to 3 years before it is filtered to perfection with classic notes of French oak.

The Margarita is the most popular cocktail in the U.S. It is Rock N Roll Tequila’s mission to educate consumers that a Margarita should only be ordered as a “Rock N Roll Margarita.”

According to the company’s COO, Scott Woolley, “People drink margaritas when having fun. Rock and Roll is one of the most iconic and coolest genres in the world. So it’s only natural that every Margarita served should be a Rock N Roll Margarita. In addition, it should always be “Served Loud” representing the ‘live life to its fullest,’ let loose, fun lifestyle. We are marketing Rock N Roll Tequila as the smoothest tasting, ultra-premium, authentic tequila for people who want to have a great time – but won’t have to compromise on taste.”

Rock N Roll Tequila’s COO, Mr. Woolley and Rock N Roll partner, NFL Legend Dan Marino, are working with Hollywood’s Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino CEO Jim Allen to place Rock N Roll Tequila in the Hard Rock locations. Additionally in its first month that Rock N Roll is been in the market place hundreds of accounts have taken on the brand with thousands to follow in the next few months.

Currently, the brand is hosting tasting events at select on and off premise accounts throughout Florida and California. For tasting events information visit

For retailers and restaurant/bars who carry/serve Rock N Roll Tequila visit


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