Sokol Blosser Evolution White Sparkling wine

Sokol Blosser Evolution whiteSokol Blosser Evolution white Sokol Blosser Evolution white








Sokol Blosser Evolution White Sparkling wine



elatively new to the Sokol Blosser wine lineup, this sparkler is fun on so many levels. The festive packaging that uses clever graphics to illustrate food pairings & proclaims that bubble are for all occasions, not just “special occasions” hints at the party in the bottle. The Winerabblers love a spur of the moment bottle of bubbles so much that we usually have at least a couple in the fridge on standby. We suggest you do the same!

This wine would be a perfect one to have on hand for that “not so special occasion!”

In the glass, this sparkling wine had just the slightest hue of yellow with vigorous bubbles shooting upward toward the sky. Zesty aromas of Meyer lemons, passionfruit and lime peel practically jumped out of the glass with the bubbles as they burst to the surface. In our mouths, we detected a hint of salinity coupled with passionfruit and lemons. This sparkling wine was loaded with acid and pucker tart goodness. It finished slightly off-dry with a pleasant toastiness. We’re sure it would pair well with everything Sokol Blosser suggests on the label.

SRP $22.00

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