Date:March 22, 2015

Swift Cider Dank Hop

Cider smackdown glassesSwift Cider Dank Hop


his cider is made in NE Portland by a former beer brewer, Aidan Currie  who caught the cider bug. Shifting gears from beer to cider, Aidan now makes three types of cider, all available on draft around the city of Portland.

Named for the Vaux’s Swifts that call Portland home for a brief time in September on their way south, Swift Cider is a small mom and pop operation worth supporting. This particular cider is made using apples and a combination of three different brewers hops; Centennial, Columbus and Chinook, which makes sense since Aidan was a brewer before making cider.

The Winerabblers had never tasted a cider made with hops before and it was pretty darn good. It had a flavor profile that went deep. Sunshine yellow in color, floral notes jumped out of the glass with this one. Strong aromas of white flowers, orange blossom and fresh oranges, ripe on the tree– as if you were walking in an orange orchard, made themselves known. The initial flavors matched the smell, then tastes of hops became more prominent on our tongues. The Dank Hop cider finished hoppy but not in a beer-kind of way. Slightly more subtle, more sophisticated. It was a complex cider, a thinking man (or woman’s) cider.

If you visit the Swift Cider website, you can see where it’s available on tap in the Portland area. They have plans to bottle in the future but for now, if you’re a local, visit your favorite watering hole and see if they can get this cider in…it’s worth the taste.

The Dank Hop cider is the one on the far right in the photo.

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