Date:May 23, 2017

The Biggest Adventure Travel Contest in History: Exodus Travels Launches the World’s First “Win A Trip For Life” Campaign

Toronto, Canada. May 23, 2017: Pioneering tour operator Exodus Travels is making history with the launch of a travel contest that is truly the first of its kind. #LifeofExoduscontest offers travelers across the United States and Canada the chance to fulfill their dreams of wanderlust and to win one trip a year for the rest of their life!

Exodus Travels has always been a pioneer, first taking travelers to the world’s most far-flung places 43 years ago. The award-winning tour operator has been at it ever since, now with more than 600 Cultural, Hiking, Cycling and Responsible Wildlife adventures to nearly all of the Earth’s reaches.

The Win a Trip for Life contest is simple to enter. Intrepid travelers explore the contest site, choose their top 3 dream trips from Exodus Travels’ massive portfolio, and sit back to see if they will be packing their bags to explore the world every year for life.

“Not only is this the chance to win the adventure of a lifetime, but it’s an adventure that will last a lifetime,” says Robin Brooks, Marketing & PR Manager for Exodus Travels. “Exodus has been creating unforgettable travel experiences for decades and we’re extremely proud to introduce a contest of this scale, one which is easy enough to enter that anyone can participate – regardless of their age or technical ability – helping to make lifetime travel dreams come true.”

The beauty of Exodus being both extremely experienced and adventurous at the same time, is that all travelers can find a trip that fits their tastes. Exodus’ line-up of trips answers the demands of culture-soakers, art-enthusiasts and food and wine connoisseurs, as well as wildlife watchers, mountain trekkers, valley cyclists and water babies. From laid back journeys such as sipping through Italy’s wine regions, cycling Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, spiritual sojourns in India and classic African wildlife safaris, to adrenaline adventures hiking Peru’s Inca Trail, biking around Iceland, trekking Nepal’s otherworldly Himalayas and climbing the active volcanoes of Indonesia, Exodus’ diverse adventures are quickly climbing their way onto every globetrotter’s bucket list. These one-of-a-kind adventures focus on maximizing cultural and adventure experiences, while minimizing the impact on the local environment promoting responsible and sustainable tourism on each, and every journey.

Eligible candidates can enter the contest by visiting Throughout the campaign, the microsite and Exodus Travels’ social channels will host destination information, contest updates, and unique giveaways. The contest runs from 12:00 a.m. ET on May 15, 2017 to 11:59 p.m. ET on September 15, 2017. Legal residents in Canada and the United States are invited to submit their wish lists. The winner will receive one trip every year for the next 25 years.

Visit for instructions on how to enter, as well as full rules and regulations.

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Celebrating 43 years, leading adventure tour operator Exodus has a vast range of adventure and activity holidays across seven continents, offering places as diverse and as exhilarating as Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, the Ice Hotel and Antarctica. Whether it is solo travelers, couples, groups or families, Exodus offers an incredible choice of trips for all ages and activity levels. Operating in 100+ countries with 600+ tours, Exodus insists on low impact tourism and contributing to local communities. Learn more at


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