The Oregon Starka Project is an innovative collaboration between three Portland area distilleries. Big Bottom Distilling, Bull Run Distillery and Indio Spirits all got together and made a batch of vodka. But the project didn’t end there.

Once the batch was finished, each distillery finished the vodka off in different types of barrels. It’s a twist on the old Russian tradition of burying a barrel of vodka when a child is born, then serving that same vodka when the child marries. Upon completion of the project, the three distilleries released their separate versions at the same time.

Happily, Portlanders didn’t have to wait two decades to taste the Oregon Starka Project vodkas!

Bull Run Distillery chose to finish their portion in both Pinot noir and rye barrels, imparting a golden hue and unique richness to their version of the Oregon Starka vodka.

Jennifer Kadell of Bull Run Distillery has shared a cocktail developed using their Oregon Starka Project vodka.

Starka Improved Cocktail with vodka

2 oz – Starka vodka created by Bull Run Distillery
1 teaspoon – Cherry Liqueur
½ Tablespoon Simple Syrup
1 Absinthe Rinse
2 dashes of Peyschauds Bitters
Lemon Zest

Step 1: Use the Absinthe to coat a martini or other stemmed glass. Pour out any excess.

Step 2: Combine the Vodka, Cherry Liqueur & Simple Syrup into a shaker with ice.

Step 3: Shake well, then pour into prepared glass.

Step 4: Add two dashes of the bitters and a decorative zest peel from a lemon.

Step 5: Enjoy!

To read more about each Oregon Starka vodka, please visit each distillery’s website:

Bull Run Distillery

Big Bottom Distilling

Indio Spirits

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