Football and Wine

Wine and Football– a great team4 min read

Fall is right around the corner and with it comes two of my favorite seasons. Here on the West Coast the 2015 grape harvest has either started (California) or will in a few short weeks (Oregon and Washington). Not only is there a new vintage of wine being harvested but also a new seas
Sunny vineyard

Taste the summer like no other– Oregon’s Zen vintage4 min read

Grape farmers in Oregon’s Willamette Valley never know what to expect from year to year… other than the unexpected. Blustery storms during fruit set can knock off flowers, resulting in low yields at harvest time, like they did in 2011. Birds can swarm the vineyards as the fruit ripens
Harvest 2013

2013 Oregon Wine Harvest Report5 min read

Provided by the Oregon Wine Board Oregon’s 2013 wine-grape harvest may be best remembered as a play in two acts, with a wet intermission. The 2013 harvest was definitely not for the faint of heart. What looked like a potential uneventful and easy harvest going into September turned ou
Working Harvest

Peek behind the vino veil by volunteering at a PDX urban winery2 min read

  Even wonder how grapes end up as wine? Well wonder no more! The PDX urban wineries are throwing open their doors this harvest, looking for volunteers to be a cellar rat for a day (or evening.) Tasks may include helping to sort fruit, punch down grapes in fermentation bins and p
R Stuart ¡Salud! Pinot noir

¡Salud! the neglected workers that make Oregon wine possible5 min read

As harvest nears in the Willamette Valley, vineyards are preparing for the grape pickers to arrive. These migrant workers travel from place to place, harvesting grapes as they ripen. Oregon’s wine industry would not be possible without their skilled labor to bring the grapes in from t
Lange Estate

Willamette Valley’s Miracle Wine Grape Harvest 20113 min read

With a very cold and wet spring, the grapevine budbreak in Oregon’s Willamette Valley vineyards began much later than usual. The grapevines are awakened from their long winter’s sleep once the average daily temperatures reach 50°F. Due to unseasonably cool weather in Oregon, this year