Drink Pink

Love Rosé All Day at Drink Pink1 min read

Do you love rosé all day? If so, Drink Pink, a celebration of dry rosé wine, is the event for you! With 28 different pink-hued wines poured by Willamette Valley wineries, the Winerabblers are sure you will find some new favorites. And happily, you can stock up on those you like best w
What's that grape in my Rosé?

What’s that grape in my Rosé?1 min read

What’s that grape in my Rosé? With summer approaching you may have noticed a preponderance of rosés in the wine department of your local store. Summer is often referred to as “rosé season,” but it runs all year in the Rabbler house. If you are shopping for a rosé to enjoy on a n
Drink Pink

Drink Pink wine in the Oregon sunshine3 min read

One of our favorite events of the summer, Drink Pink is a celebration of rosé wine. As rosé continues to skyrocket in popularity, so too does this event. Now in its fifth year, attendees can expect 28 different Oregon wineries pouring rosé wines of all shades and hues, from salmon to
Hip Chicks do Wine Riot Girl Cranberry Sparkler cocktail

Hip Chicks do Wine Riot Girl Cranberry Sparkler2 min read

Hip Chicks do Wine Riot Girl Cranberry Sparkler Portland’s oldest urban winery, Hip Chicks Do Wine, was started back in 2001 by Laurie Lewis and Renee Neely. Located just off the main drag, in an unassuming pocket of industrial warehouses, visitors walk right into the middle of
Football and Wine

Wine and Football– a great team4 min read

Fall is right around the corner and with it comes two of my favorite seasons. Here on the West Coast the 2015 grape harvest has either started (California) or will in a few short weeks (Oregon and Washington). Not only is there a new vintage of wine being harvested but also a new seas

Wine 101: How to make sangria wine3 min read

With the abundance and availability of fruit, Sangria is on the minds of many during the summer months. It’s such an easy drink to prepare and sangria recipes can be customized exactly to your liking. Sangria is also a great solution when you open a wine that might not be what you wer
2009 Stangeland Rosé

Summer of wine: 2009 Stangeland Rosé1 min read

This is the first entry in a series that Michele and I are calling our “Summer of Wine.” We are exploring our wine refrigerator, pulling out white and rosé wines that are a bit older. Sadly, neither of us is great at tracking what we buy and drink, and more importantly, do
Enso Winery

Support local winemakers and experience the PDX urban wine movement3 min read

The PDX Urban Wineries are having a party this Sunday and everyone’s invited! This unique group of winemakers make the grapes do the commuting by producing their wines in Portland. Wine lovers all over the city can celebrate by toasting with many new releases and old favorites made by
Red Mtn sunset

The lighter side of Red Mountain3 min read

In my previous post I talked about the Rabblers trip to the amazing Red Mountain AVA in Eastern Washington. We explored the area and met some great people and truly talented winemakers. I talked about the place and the wineries but what, you may ask, about the dang wines? Well, hang o
2011 Anam Cara Rosé

Winter Fireworks2 min read

There are many things in life that are seasonal. Tulips bloom between April and June. The groundhog sees his shadow in February. The swallows come back to Capistrano on their own idiosyncratic time frame. Corn mazes and pumpkin patches only happen at harvest time. Some things are tied
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Drink Pink: Celebrate Oregon Rosé wines4 min read

Winemakers throughout the Willamette Valley are making some serious rosé wines these days. Rosé, like many teenagers, suffered an awkward, blushing adolescence as sweet, mass-marketed White Zinfandel. Patton Valley Vineyard and other Oregon wineries are working to change those preconc
Patton Valley Vineyards

Delectable Patton Valley Vineyard Winemaker Dinner at Milwaukie Kitchen & Wine2 min read

Do you find food and wine pairings a challenge? Let the experts at Patton Valley Vineyards and Milwaukie Kitchen & Wine help you discover perfect combinations that celebrate the bounty of early summer crops. Winemaker Derek Einberger and chef Pascal Sauton invite wine and food lov