Football and Wine

Wine and Football– a great team4 min read

Fall is right around the corner and with it comes two of my favorite seasons. Here on the West Coast the 2015 grape harvest has either started (California) or will in a few short weeks (Oregon and Washington). Not only is there a new vintage of wine being harvested but also a new seas
Urban Crush Winemakers

Portland’s Distillery Row welcomes an urban winery into the fold2 min read

Although it seems that Portland’s main sport is eating, drinking runs a very tight second. It’s no exaggeration that Portlanders love to dine, and when we do, there’s often something local in our glass. And with the opening of the newest urban winery in the city, there are even more c
Red Mtn sunset

The lighter side of Red Mountain3 min read

In my previous post I talked about the Rabblers trip to the amazing Red Mountain AVA in Eastern Washington. We explored the area and met some great people and truly talented winemakers. I talked about the place and the wineries but what, you may ask, about the dang wines? Well, hang o
Terra Blanca Winery

Terroir of Terra Blanca Winery3 min read

Terra Blanca Winery is located in the Red Mountain AVA (American Viticultural Area) of Washington State’s smallest designated wine growing region. Near Benton City, one could assume that the soil is red… hence the name. But that assumption would be wrong– the soils are filled wi
View from Red Mtn

Rabblin’ on Washington’s Red Mountain2 min read

Back in the spring of 2012, the Rabblers took a trip to the Prosser area in the state of Washington. We enjoyed the lovely accommodations at the Desert Wind Winery and explored the interesting wine region there. One of our excursions took us to the nearby Red Mountain AVA (American Vi
Oregon's wine regions

The real dirt on Oregon wines4 min read

Wine grape growers have always found unique places to plant their vines. The trouble was that few others understood the uniqueness of these regions. Following the examples from the Old World, American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) were created and designated by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax
Rosé wine

Looking for a deal? Dry Rosés are cheap, cheap, cheap!1 min read

Usually associated with warm summer weather, rosés are good any time of year. Pair them with spicy foods, friends who aren’t white wine drinkers or a chilly winter evening when you need a reminder that summer will eventually come around again. Since most people have the urge to drink
Red Mountain

Red Mountain, Washington State’s terroir superstar4 min read

The Red Mountain American Viticultural Area (AVA) is located in Washington State and produces some of the most sought after grapes in the US. Located along a steep slope facing southwest near the Yakima River, there are about 1400 acres planted in grapevines. Elevation runs between 54
Old corkscrew

A good wine will taste good regardless of the view out the window2 min read

One of the advantages of living in the Willamette Valley is that beside the great wine we get to taste, we get to enjoy amazing scenery on the way to each winery. Will I see Adams, Hood and Jefferson from this one? Or will I get a glimpse of St Helen’s and add an amazing fourth peak t
Woodinville Wines

Woodinville: Wine TerroirDome2 min read

Part of the allure of wine tasting is the drive, going to areas of the state that we don’t see very often. The advantage is we get to enjoy great wines while taking in breathtaking vistas of mountains or being enthralled by the way the clouds form over a beautiful valley. This can hap