The Winerabblers are roadtrippin’ to the Wine Bloggers Conference2 min read

The Winerabblers are road trippin’! We are loading up Rabble Rouser: our all-terrain, diesel-powered, Pinot-injected roadster and heading down to the 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC). Bucolic Buellton, CA is our destination (about 30 minutes north of Santa Barbara), Portland
James Melendez

Why Wine? An Interview with James Melendez of James the Wine Guy3 min read

This is part of a series introducing you to interesting people in the wine industry. For many, the journey into wine is not only intriguing but often quite an adventure. These talented individuals are what make the wine industry what it is today so follow this series to meet this grou
Wine Bottles sizes

Wine 101: Wine Bottle sizes and names2 min read

Ever wonder what those larger format wine bottles are called and how much they hold? Here’s an easy guide to the most common sizes and names. This information is great for trivia contests and cocktail parties too! 187.5 ml is called a Split and holds just ¼ of a standard bottle of win
Vineyard in Penticton, BC

Adventures in Canada: Wine Bloggers Conference 2013 (WBC13)2 min read

In early June 2013, the Rabblers had the great opportunity to attend the 6th Annual Wine Bloggers Conference in amazingly picturesque Penticton, British Columbia.  We met many interesting and talented wine bloggers from around the US, Canada and the world.  We also had the special tre
2011 Anam Cara Rosé

Winter Fireworks2 min read

There are many things in life that are seasonal. Tulips bloom between April and June. The groundhog sees his shadow in February. The swallows come back to Capistrano on their own idiosyncratic time frame. Corn mazes and pumpkin patches only happen at harvest time. Some things are tied

Willamette Valley harvest workers receive medical care administered by ¡Salud!5 min read

Willamette Valley harvest workers receive medical care administered by ¡Salud! ¡Salud! is a nonprofit organization created 21 years ago to assist Oregon’s seasonal vineyard workers. With no other agency like this in the country, ¡Salud! aim’s to care for the migrant grape pickers alon
2009 Torreon de Paredes Carmenere

Carménere: the lost wine that resurfaced in Chile2 min read

Everyone loves a great story and the wine varietal Carménere has a past that’s filled with mystery, a disappearing act, seduction and intrigue. Happily, the Carménere grape was rediscovered by a French professor who found the “Merlot” growing in Chile was in fact Carménere grapes! In
R Stuart ¡Salud! Pinot noir

¡Salud! the neglected workers that make Oregon wine possible5 min read

As harvest nears in the Willamette Valley, vineyards are preparing for the grape pickers to arrive. These migrant workers travel from place to place, harvesting grapes as they ripen. Oregon’s wine industry would not be possible without their skilled labor to bring the grapes in from t
Drink Pink logo

Drink Pink: Celebrate Oregon Rosé wines4 min read

Winemakers throughout the Willamette Valley are making some serious rosé wines these days. Rosé, like many teenagers, suffered an awkward, blushing adolescence as sweet, mass-marketed White Zinfandel. Patton Valley Vineyard and other Oregon wineries are working to change those preconc
Wine aroma wheel

Smell & Memory: Wine 1012 min read

Did you know that your sense of smell is located adjacent to your memory within your brain? That explains how a whiff of something can suddenly trigger an intense memory that was long forgotten. I often find that aromas in wine take me back to childhood memories that have nothing to d
Wine for the confused

Use Your Words: Wine Vocab 1012 min read

After watching the John Cleese wine documentary last night, I was inspired to write a blog in order to help wine newbies better communicate their likes and dislikes when seeking help selecting a new wine to try. Let’s face it, wine has the reputation for snobbery, which can intimidate
Snowy Oregon vineyard

All I want for Christmas3 min read

My wish for Christmas is that the winemakers and vineyard owners of Oregon keep honing their skills, thus perfecting the lovely wines being produced throughout the state. My hope is that by continuing to act as good stewards of the land, implementing sustainable measures such as organ