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A good wine will taste good regardless of the view out the window2 min read

One of the advantages of living in the Willamette Valley is that beside the great wine we get to taste, we get to enjoy amazing scenery on the way to each winery. Will I see Adams, Hood and Jefferson from this one? Or will I get a glimpse of St Helen’s and add an amazing fourth peak t
Summer in the vineyard

Summer in a Glass2 min read

Now that it is summer (at least according to the calendar and not Portland weather) I find myself seeking out lighter things to drink. Something chilled and refreshing usually hits the spot on a warm evening. Something chilled is the idea but not necessarily a white wine.  I am more i
Wine bottle door pulls

How the Rabble go tasting2 min read

We like to go wine tasting. We do it a lot. With so many options in the Willamette Valley and Hood River areas, it’s easy to just jump in the car and go. But we have learned from past experience that just jumping in the car and heading out is not the best way to utilize our time or mo
Wine glass

The USA drinks more wine than the French2 min read

The 2010 numbers are in and Americans have officially topped the world in wine consumption. This is big news since the French really put wine on the modern world map and have been leading the charge as the biggest drinkers for many years. “Americans are increasingly interested in a li


WINERABBLE MANIFESTO Mob. Riff Raff. Unwashed Masses. These are all ways to describe the general public. In a non election year: the chattel. In an election year: Real Americans. Most of these afore-mentioned people tend to drink. We here at Winerabble care about that portion of the p