13 days of bubbly

To celebrate Valentine’s day, we’re treating you to 13 days of bubbly wine!

For the next 13 days, use our tasting notes to find just the right bottle of bubbles for Valentine’s day or any other day of the year!

No matter if you have
a special someone
or YOU are your
special someone,
celebrate, celebrate,
celebrate– life
is too short not to!

Be prepared for all the awesome bubbly wines coming your way!

Did you know that…

There are more than 49,000,000 bubbles in a bottle of champagne?
It takes exactly 6 turns to free a wire cage from its cork?
A bottle of méthode champenoise (pronounced meh·thuhd sham·pən·wah) bubbly wine has three times the pressure of a car tire?
There are over 50 Oregon wineries using méthode champenoise when making their sparkling wine?
There are over 30 Oregon wineries making Pét-nat wines?
Stay tuned as we share bottles of bubbly wine, mostly from Oregon, made using different techniques. Drink them to celebrate Valentine’s day or any other day of the year!
Check back tomorrow to read about our first of 13 bubbly wines.
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