2008 Six Peaks (formerly J. Albin) Winery Laurel Vineyard Pinot noir

Laurel Vineyard
Chehalem Mountains
Willamette Valley

13% alcohol

Now called Six Peaks Winery, the Albin’s planted their first grapevines back in 1981. That’s only about a dozen or so years after the wine pioneers who brought the first post-Prohibition wine grapes to the state. Suffice it to say, the Albin family have deep roots in the Oregon wine industry!

The Winerabblers bought this bottle many moons ago when it was known as J. Albin Winery and have been cellaring it for quite a while. We finally decided it was time to pop it open!

Their vineyard is located in the Chehalem Mountains AVA and has amazing views of, you guessed it, six peaks! And winemaker and grape grower John Albin makes some really expressive Pinot noirs. Let me tell you that this bottle did not disappoint!

The 2008 vintage in Oregon was lauded as one of the best by critics early on. However, the Winerabblers were more enamored with other vintages so we laid our 2008s down for a later date. I’m so happy we did!

This Pinot is smack dab in the perfect drinking window so if you have any (or know someone that does), drink up my friend! It is filled to the brim with aromas and flavors of tart notes of cranberries, rhubarb pie and sour cherries. A second sip reveals ripe raspberries and forest floor flavors, ending in a long, bright finish. Medium body with oh so much acidity, this wine could pair with everything from more traditional foods like salmon or mushroom risotto but also duck or goose. Mushroom paté, baked brie and roasted vegetables would all pair very well too.

Happily, the Albin family has some library wines available, including 2 bottles of this wine! In this situation, the early bird really will does get the worm. All library Pinot noir wines are $50.

2000- 4 cases
2001- 7 cases
2003- 4 cases
2004- 6 bottles
2006- 6 bottles
2008- 2 bottles
2009- 16 bottles

Call the winery directly at 503.341.3618 if you want to purchase any of these library wines! For any current releases, you can order directly through their website.


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