2011 R. Stuart & Co. Ana Vineyard Riesling

Ana Vineyard
Willamette Valley

Glass stopper enclosure

Little known fact (unless you’re really into wine), Oregon rieslings have such high acidity that they age beautifully. And this wine is a great example!

So here’s the story… we have a sea of wines stashed away in our wine fridge for special and not so special occasions and this bottle got lost! When I pulled it out, I was excited but also a tad worried that it might be past its prime drinking window. Happily, it was just one more pleasant reminder that Oregon rieslings rock with some time in the bottle!

After we popped the glass stopper out of the bottle and poured this riesling in our glasses, we found notes of fresh rain, petrol, lime zest, passionfruit, grapefruit and sweet tart candies. So tart and delightful, this riesling still had great acidity and youth.

If you happen to have a bottle of this wine, pair with a summer salad with grapefruit, oysters or a Crab Salad in Crisp Wonton Cups, suggested by Maria Stuart. 

Sadly, Maria informed me that after someone bought the Ana Vineyard, the Stuarts lost access to that wonderful Riesling. And even worse, the new owners grafted over the riesling plants with Pinot noir…serious bummer. As they search for a new fruit source, please be sure to visit the super-cute R. Stuart tasting bar in downtown McMinnville to try all their wines, including a couple of sparkling wines!

SRP $22.


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