2012 Love & Squalor Antsy Pants Riesling

Willamette Valley

59 cases produced

Made by Matt Berson, one of the most chill winemakers the Winerabblers know, this Riesling is an acid-lover’s dream! Although Matt may be relaxed when you meet him, he works hard to tease out the flavors of the terroir in which his grapes are grown. And his wines really seem to reflect his personality, much like owners who bear striking resemblances to their pets. Click here to read our Why Wine? interview with Matt.

Each year, this Riesling is one that Winerabbler Michele looks forward to drinking. She has been known to suck on lemons as a kid and she’s never met an acid-driven wine she hasn’t liked.

On the nose, we found abundance lemons, lemon zest and that distinct petrol-rubber smell often found in Rieslings. By the way, Michele loves petrol in her wine. It reminds her of a new pair of Keds fresh out of the box. With each sip, this wine becomes a mouth-watering slurp of citrus notes; grapefruit, limes, lemon zest. With bracing acidity, this Love & Squalor Riesling pairs well with oysters, clam chowder or sushi. We guarantee it will make your taste buds stand up and salute.

SRP $30.


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About the Author: Michele Francisco