2013 Laelaps Wine Pinot noir

Holstein Vineyard
Dundee Hills
Willamette Valley

50 cased produced

If you need to brush up on your Greek mythology, Laelaps was a dog that always caught its prey. But when charged with catching the Teumessian fox, who could never be caught, an infinite chase ensued with the hound tailing the fox round and round. Eventually Zeus tired of their endless chase and turned them both into stone then thrust them into the heavens to become constellations in the stars. Poetic, eh?

So it’s quite fitting that five wine-loving friends launched Laelaps Wine in the endless pursuit of creating the perfect bottle of wine. New members of the SE Wine Collective in Portland’s trendy Division neighborhood, Laelaps makes tiny batches of Pinot noir and Cabernet sauvignon.

Their Pinot noir used fruit sourced from the Holstein Vineyard in the Dundee Hills. All 777 clone Pinot noir, this wine had many classic Willamette Valley traits. It was slightly smokey with abundant red fruit notes of cherries, raspberries and rhubarb combined with earthy forest floor and savory rosemary.

Drink this wine with a moroccan vegetable tagine, pulled pork sliders or a creamy pasta tossed with smoked salmon and capers.

SRP $33.


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About the Author: Michele Francisco

Michele Francisco, a founder and regular contributor to Winerabble, a blog primarily about Pacific Northwest wines, is living the dream in Portland, Oregon. Her passion leads some to believe she's got wine running through her veins. Contact Michele at michele@winerabble.com & be sure to visit her online portfolio at www.michelefrancisco.com.