2013 Lytle-Barnett Blanc de noir sparkling wine
2013 Lytle-Barnett Blanc de noir sparkling wine

100% Pinot noir

Eola-Amity Hills AVA

Willamette Valley AVA


12% alcohol

Méthode champenoise… it’s a mouthful to say the least. Pronounced meh·thuhd sham·pən·wah, the term gives a nod to how the French make traditional Champagne. There are several different types of ways to create bubbles in wine but méthode champenoise requires a secondary fermentation in the bottle. This winemaking style is laborious and takes some dedication and time! Hence, why a 2013 is available in the market right now (and not considered a library wine).

Along with time, the cost of a wine made in this manner climbs for a couple reasons. One, the winery spent a lot of extra effort making sure those bubbles developed in the bottle. And two, the aging has already been done for you!

This time of year brings special celebrations large and small so add this bottle of sparkling wine to your wine buying list for the season.

Color: Pale straw yellow

Aromas and flavors: Abundant mineral notes of gravel dust, coupled with gentle bubbles that dance across the tongue. This wine is tart and filled with unripe peaches, key limes, Meyer lemons, Granny Smith apples and pineapples. The finish is long and leaves you wanting another sip!

Food pairing suggestions: Truffle fries, cheese plate, lobster tail

SRP $75


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