2015 Acrobat Rosé of Pinot noir


Ok, we’ll admit we’re on a bit of a rosé kick right now! With the unusually warm, summer-like weather in Portland, we’ll find any excuse to pop open a new bottle of pink wine. Look forward to many more wines that go great with summer, just like this one in the coming weeks!

Bubblegum pink in color, this rosé is made by King Estate, one of the largest wineries in Oregon. With over 1000 acres of vines, this family-owned winery recently announced that by the end of this year, it will be fully biodynamic, the largest in the US! Now that’s really making a commitment to the environment and the health of wine drinkers. Click here to read their full press release.

When we swirled our glasses, we smelled freshly chopped rhubarb and tart pink grapefruit. As this wine warmed a bit, we also found aromas of sour cherries, cranraspberries and gardenias. And you know that tart white area near the watermelon rind that makes you pucker?  This rosé had that exact flavor! Slightly underripe strawberries, those cranraspberries from the aroma and a hint of sweet bubblegum rounded out the palate with a medium mouthfeel and a tart finish.

With just a touch of residual sugar, this rosé is a great porch sipper as you watch the world go by, especially if you’re sitting in a rocking chair. But if you really want to drink it with food, the Winerabblers would suggest pairing this wine with citrus and herb-marinated grilled chicken, a panzanella salad loaded with fresh veggies or poached trout with lemon and leeks.

SRP $15.


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About the Author: Michele Francisco