2015 Helioterra Pinot blanc

Willamette Valley

278 cases produced
Cork enclosure

This wine is the color of sunshine and made Winerabbler Michele’s heart happy seeing it, especially after the wet and long winter/spring we’ve had in Portland. Now she’s ready to paint the entire inside of the house this color!

Winemaker Anne Hubatch goes to great lengths with all her wines, and you’d be hard pressed (lol, get it?) to find many people who spend as much time on their white wines. When making this Pinot blanc, she inoculated the fermenting grapes with 6 different yeasts and utilized 12 different fermentation styles to achieve just the right aromas, texture and desired flavor profile. To translate into non-wine speak, that’s a HUGE amount of effort for an $18 bottle of wine!

This Pinot blanc is a like a bowl full of yellow lemons! Flavors and aromas of tart lemons and lemon meringue intertwine with mineral notes of fresh rain and wet concrete. We also tasted honeydew melons within all the many layers of this tart, acid-driven wine. It makes Winerabbler Michele’s mouth water just thinking about it.

Pair this bright Pinot blanc with spring vegetables such as ramps and asparagus or scallops with grilled summer squash.

SRP $18.


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About the Author: Michele Francisco

Michele Francisco, a founder and regular contributor to Winerabble, a blog primarily about Pacific Northwest wine