2019 MonksGate Vineyard C12 Dry Riesling
2019 MonksGate Vineyard C12 Dry Riesling

Willamette Valley

11.9% alcohol

Screwcap closure

189 cases produced


Early morning sunshine yellow


Mineral-driven elements of flint and wet stone mingle with lovely floral aromas of jasmine and gardenias. Tart fruit smells of lemon zest and asian pears become prominent with a second swirl. Hints of petrol/rubber and, as the wine warms, a uniquely interesting aroma of buttered biscuits.


This Riesling is filled with sweet fruit flavors of cantaloupe, honeydew melons, mangos and asian pears. The mouthfeel is round and full with a finish of those same buttered biscuits found in the aroma.

Food pairing suggestions: 

Baked lemon butter fish, crisp duck salad or pair with a chair on your porch 😃 Note: Monksgate recommends enjoying this wine while eating turkey nachos with a pineapple/jalapeno salsa or spicy green enchiladas!

SRP $26


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