2019 MonksGate Vineyard Dry Rosé of Pinot noir
2019 MonksGate Vineyard Dry Rosé of Pinot noir

North Block
Willamette Valley

12.3% alcohol

Screwcap closure

LIVE-certified vineyard

Shortly after the Moores purchased the 50-acre property, they learned that Trappist Abbey monks lived next door. For years, the monks had roamed that land, and the new owners were more than happy to allow that tradition to continue. When the necessary deer fencing went up around their vineyard, the Moore family installed an access gate for the friendly monks and christened their land MonksGate Vineyard.


White peaches


Aromas of rose hips and petals swirl with floral notes of gardenias and orange blossoms, along with hints of petrol and sweet maraschino cherries.


I taste ripe fruit flavors of black cherries, red raspberries and tart tayberries, in harmony together, finishing with notes of orange zest.

Food pairing suggestions: 

Drink this with spicy dishes that include jalapeños, tomatillos, fenugreek or garam masala! The heat from these spices and the flavors in this rosé will make a party in your mouth!

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