2019 Plaisance Ranch Viognier

2019 Plaisance Ranch Viognier

Applegate Valley,
Rogue Valley,
Southern Oregon,

13.4% alcohol

Cork closure

I encourage you to visit Plaisance Ranch, where you’ll get to sip their wines in a covered barn, likely served by owner Suzi. The property is a working, 200+ acre ranch! See the hay bales in the photo? Their barn used to shelter dairy cows, but with some creative repurposing, is now an open-air tasting space with the ability to social distance to your hearts content. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a quick tour of the winery and cellar spaces too.

Tasting wine in the barn at Plaisance Ranch
Bouquet and Palate:

I LOVED the aromas and flavors in this Viognier made by Plaisance Ranch. Sometimes, this varietal can leave an oily coating in your mouth. But this Viognier, along with others I tried in Southern Oregon, retained enough acidity to instead offer a nice, full mouthfeel without the oil! Stone fruits notes of peaches and white apricots co-mingled with tart, citrusy marmalade jam and gardenias. The finish was long and satisfying too! If you’re more of a red wine drinker, I think you’ll love this wine since it offers a heavier weight than most white wines. It feels more like a red wine while in your mouth.

Food pairing suggestions:

Pair the Plaisance Ranch Viognier with fried crab cakes, chicken satay, salad with blood oranges and crushed hazelnuts.

SRP $20


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