2019 Troon Vineyard Kubli Bench rosé

Kubli Bench,
Applegate Valley,
Rogue Valley,
Southern Oregon,

11.7% alcohol

Cork closure

Biodynamic, Demeter, organic

Troon Vineyard treats this rosé in a manner similar to a blended red wine. Made using 60% Tinta roriz, 35% Primitivo and 5% Grenache, each varietal was lightly whole-cluster pressed immediately after being harvested and allowed to ferment and age in separate neutral French oak barrels with native yeast. Five months later, the separate wines are blended together to create this rosé.

Rosé wine is often made in a stainless steel tank, saving the oak barrels for wines that will garner more dollars. It’s surprising rare to find rosé made from several grape varietals, let alone barrel aged for months. This technique is more costly and time consuming, something most wineries just won’t bother doing for a $25 bottle of wine.

Bouquet and Palate:

Strawberries, melons and bing cherries jumped out of my glass of rosé. It was bright, layered and creamy all at once. With my first sip, I immediately knew this rosé was something special. It’s got great texture and a full mouthfeel– and before I knew it– the bottle was empty, a sure sign I enjoyed it!

Food pairing suggestions:

Buy this rosé to enjoy with your Thanksgiving dinner! The acidity will complement many different types of foods and the heavy mouthfeel is sure to please any red wine drinker. If you buy several bottles, Troon Vineyard recommends drinking their rosé with smoked salmon, salade niçoise, dim sum, Vietnamese and Thai dishes.

SRP $25

Troon Vineyard

1475 Kubli Road
Grants Pass, Oregon 97527

250 N. Kutch Street
Carlton, OR 97111

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