2019 Troon Vineyard Pet TanNat

2019 Troon Vineyard Pét tanNat

Kubli Bench,
Applegate Valley,
Rogue Valley,
Southern Oregon,

10.5% alcohol

Crown cap closure

Biodynamic, Demeter, organic

Pétillant naturel (pronounced petty-OWN na-chur-EL) or just Pét-nat for short, occurs when the wine is bottled before primary fermentation is finished. The remaining sugars in the wine are consumed by the yeast, creating CO2 and a lower alcoholic beverage in the process. Those CO2 bubbles give the wine a slightly effervescent quality.

Also called méthod ancestralé, this is the first technique people used to make bubbly wine. If you haven’t yet popped a bottle open, Pét-nat is really refreshing and low in alcohol. Want to learn more about Pét-nat? Be sure to read our Bubbles… explained series! Also remember that pét-nats are meant to be enjoyed young so don’t stash this wine in your cellar, ok?

Troon Vineyard came up with a clever name “Pét tanNat,” since theirs is made solely from their estate-grown Tannat grapes. Once picked, Troon pressed the fruit, including the stems and allowed the juice to spontaneously ferment with the native vineyard yeast. Then each bottle of Pét tanNat fermented over the winter. Prior to release, Troon disgorged the lot, removing much of the sediment that had developed, offering wine lovers a pét-nat far less cloudy than most.

Bouquet and palate:

Harvested early, this Pét tanNat is bright with high acidity and creamy mouthfeel with notes of tart quince, granny smith and golden delicious apples.

Food pairing suggestions: 

Fizzy and fun, drink this Pét tanNat cold while snacking on truffle potato chips, salads, a charcuterie and cheese plate. It really will pair with most any foods!

SRP $30

Troon Vineyard

1475 Kubli Road
Grants Pass, Oregon 97527

250 N. Kutch Street
Carlton, OR 97111

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