Alter Ego The Sunny Sider Ginger Lemon Cider

We recently had the chance to try this Alter Ego cider during CiderCON in Portland. Beyond the clever pun of a name, this unique cider is a fun one for cider lovers, especially those who dig ginger! Available on tap at bars and restaurants all over the city of roses, Alter Ego ciders never fail to impress us.

The Sunny Sider was bright and lively with good acidity. We tasted citrus flavors of both meyer and regular lemons, along with gravenstein and granny smith apples. And fresh ginger flavor was prominent from the start all the way through the long finish.

We think this cider would rock a cheese plate, or be really delicious with cashew nut chicken stir fry or a roasted red potato soup.

To find the Alter Ego ciders, visit their website for a list of current tap locations:

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About the Author: Michele Francisco

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