2018 Valle Girl Vino Not your Average Jane La Chula Moscato

2018 Valle Girl Vino Not Your Average Jane La Chula Moscato

Baja California Norte,

12.5% alcohol

Cork closure 

Low sulfitesgluten-free, non-GMO, vegan

Some folks shy away from sweeter wines so if you’re in that camp, I encourage you to give this Mexican Moscato a try! Owner/winemaker Sitara Monica Perez calls this wine Not Your Average Jane and her tasting notes really encapsulate how people can unfairly pigeonhole wines on the sweeter spectrum. I couldn’t agree more:

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Everyone thinks I’m this saccharine sweet goody-two-shoes. BLONDE. Everyone expects me to be one thing, thinks they have me all figured out before they’ve even met me and I like to keep them guessing. Let me surprise you and you might just find I’m usually the life of the party (wink!). I can intoxicate with my fruit-forward perfume, bewitch, and keep you on your toes. Mostly I’m easy-going, love anything with a little kick, and always leave you wanting more.


Abundantly perfumey with notes of orange blossoms and ginger, and also ripe fruit aromas of nectarines, mangos, and fruit salad.


This Moscato literally tasted like I was drinking flowers! Orange blossoms and honeysuckle tickled my tongue as ripe fruit flavors of pears, mangos, and tangerines teased my tastebuds. While this wine is sweet, it’s not syrupy, making it quite quaffable on its own or paired with food.

Food pairing suggestions:

Drink this wine with spicy cajun shrimp skillet, Mangalorean Kori Rotti (chicken curry), baked General Tso’s cauliflower.

Scoop up this wine deal by ordering here:

SRP $20


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