2018 Vinos Pijoan Paula red blend

2018 Vinos Pijoan Paula red blend

Valle de Guadalupe,
Baja California Norte,

13.7% alcohol

Cork closure 

292 cases produced

This wine is a blend of 70% Zinfandel, 20% Merlot, and 10% Syrah, all grown in Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe. Owner/winemaker Pau Pijoan aimed to accentuate the fruitiness of this red wine. He went about doing that in a number of ways, including focusing on fruit-forward varietals and sourcing grapes grown in silty-sandy soil. By fermenting the Syrah using a winemaking method called carbonic maceration, Pau then blended the two fermentations together and aged everything in oak barrels for just 5 months before bottling.


Plum red


Ripe and tart fruit aromas drifted up from my glass as I swirled this wine. Plums, blackberries, brambleberries, and cranberries, comingled with earthy, spice notes of anise.


Berry flavors of blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries first washed over my tongue. Then notes of caramel and grilled plums harmonized with the berries and ended in a grippy, dry finish.

Food pairing suggestions:

Tri-tip sandwiches, chocolate cake, paella.

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SRP $350 Mexican pesos / $17.60 US dollars


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