Bull Run Distilling Co. Medoyeff Starka vodka

It’s a Russian tradition to bury a barrel of vodka when a child is born, then dig it back up and celebrate that same child’s wedding as an adult. Lee Medoyeff, owner and founder of Bull Run Distilling Co., decided he could make a version without nearly as much fuss. So he got ahold of some used French oak barrels that had previous held Oregon Pinot noir and filled them with his vodka. After a year in barrel, he deemed the vodka ready to drink with no digging necessary!

The Winerabblers love this vodka for many reasons. Matt is a big vodka fan and likes this one for it’s uniqueness. Like a fine whiskey, he sips it with a big ice cube or straight with just a drop or two of water. Michele thinks the Starka is similar to a fine cognac and has been know to sip it on ice as well as blended in cocktails of all kinds. We found notes of cinnamon, ginger, caramel combined with black and white pepper. And while this vodka has a subtle touch of peat, we found the smokey element was much more prominent. Of one thing we’re certain, it’s likely the smoothest vodka you have ever sipped!

SRP $30.


Starka Improved Cocktail with vodka recipe

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