Bull Run Distilling Co. Temperance Whiskey

Batch No. 30
Bottle No. 00826

A lovely caramel brown, this whiskey is started in bourbon country and finished in Portland by local distiller Bull Rull. Named for Portland’s main water source, the company adds our fresh, clean water to all their products. And the texture of the Temperance Trader whiskey is smooth and soft, just like our drinking water. Coincidence? We think not.

We found this whiskey had aromas of caramelized brown sugar, a campfire smokiness and a hint of peat. And when we sipped, we tasted smokey flavors while our mouths were caressed by that luscious softness. Then suddenly– caramelized pineapple fresh off the grill! Wow! We also tasted lemongrass and a spicy, ginger-flavored finish.

Jennifer Kadell of Bull Run brought this whiskey over and made a tasty cocktail for us. In a rocks glass, add a big ice cube or two, then a shot of Bull Run Distilling Co. Temperance Trader whiskey and some ginger beer. Squeeze in a bit of fresh lime juice, then run the lime around the rim of the glass before tossing it in and giving everything a quick stir. Refreshing and delicious!

Bull Run Distilling Co.

2259 NW Quimby Street

Portland, OR

Open Wednesday through Sunday 12PM – 6PM


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