2020 Obsidian Wine Co. Pear blanc Pétillant Naturel

2020 Obsidian Wine Co. Pear blanc Pétillant Naturel

Poseidon Vineyard,
Los Carneros, 
Napa Valley,

11.7% alcohol

Empty bottle weight: 14.5 ounces / 413 grams

Crowncap closure

70 cases produced

500ml bottle

This unique Pét-nat is 50% Sauvignon blanc wine and 50% pear cider, both grown in California’s Lake County. Expect some leftover sediment, as is natural when making Pét-nat wines. And while Obsidian Wine Co. takes its winemaking seriously, they added some fun to the label of this wine:

Obsidian Wine Co. Pear blanc back label ©Winerabble


Daisy yellow


Ripe pears, tart quince, and lime zest combined with toasted almonds and an earthy aroma, much like blacktop on a hot summer day.


Tart flavors of lemons, gooseberries, and watermelon rind washed over my tongue with my first sip. Soft bubbles carried flavors of many types of pears, from Bartlett to Bosc to Asian pears, all swirled together into a pear medley! The finish was tart with lime and lemon zest.

Food pairing suggestions:

Summer salads with light vinaigrettes, fresh crab, spring herb and goat cheese tartlets.

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SRP $16 (500ml bottle)


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