California wine: 2020 Obsidian Wine Co. Pezsgo Pétillant Naturel Pinot noir

2020 Obsidian Wine Co. Pezsgo Pétillant Naturel Pinot noir

Poseidon Vineyard,
Los Carneros,
Napa Valley,

11.7% alcohol

Empty bottle weight: 32.6 ounces / 925 grams

Crowncap closure

153 cases produced

Native yeast

If you haven’t yet delved into the world of Pét-nats, I encourage you to do so! Bottled before the wine has finished fermentation, Pét-nat is lower in alcohol and has some bubbly effervescence. If you need a Pét-nat primer, read my Wine 101: Bubbles… explained, part one, then parts two and three to get caught up!

The Pezsgo Pét-nat is made using Pinot noir grapes grown in the Los Carneros AVA of California’s Napa Valley. In order to achieve that amazing color, Obsidian Wine Co. picked the grapes in the cool of night, then destemmed and soaked the whole berries with their juice for 24 hours before pressing. Allowing native yeast to begin the fermentation process, it then fermented until the sugar/brix were just where they wanted. By lowing the temperature, fermentation was halted and the wine was bottled with a crowncap, thereby retaining the bubbles created during the process. As with all Pét-nats, some sediment in the bottle is totally normal.


Bright strawberry pink


This Pét-nat was slightly reduced at first but with some air exposure, I smelled notes of cherries, barbecued plums, and flint.


Frizzanté-like with soft, foamy bubbles, I first tasted tart flavors of Rainier cherries and cranberries. Strawberries and raspberries emerged with more time in my glass. It’s really refreshing and tastes kind of similar to a vodka-cran with added bubbles!

Food pairing suggestions:

We drank this Pinot noir Pét-nat while noshing on some Cascadia Creamery Sleeping Beauty cheese and that combo was like pop rocks candy exploding in our mouths! The butteriness of the cheese really accentuated the bubbles in this wine, so If you can track down this cheese, I highly recommend this pairing.

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