While social distancing does appear to be having an effect on flattening the curve of the coronavirus, please don’t relax your efforts yet! I’m the first to say that this anti-social behavior royally sucks but our healthcare workers need time to catch up on some sleep and receive new shipments of masks, gloves and other PPE.

Winerabbler Matt is still slinging wine at a grocery store (click here to read his shopping tips during a pandemic), so while he is out there on the front lines, he’s also getting daily doses of human contact. He comes home with crazy stories so believe me when I tell you, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns.

However, my contact with the world is almost nil. I’m very grateful for all the emails I receive and also for my friend who suggested social distance (or physical distance) walking. She and I regularly meet on foot at a midway point between our homes and walk miles, mostly down the middle of the empty streets, staying a respectable 6+ feet apart, chatting all the way. If you have the ability to do some social distance walking with a friend or neighbor, I highly recommend it! It’s a great way to feel more connected to the outside world!

Relax with grazing sheep out in a vineyard

I’ve got to hand it to Napa Valley’s Shafer Vineyards for posting a 6 hour video of borrowed sheep grazing, roaming and even frolicking amongst the vines. It’s surprisingly fun to watch, or even listen to, especially with a glass of wine in your hand.

Use this guide to help you avoid a take-out or food delivery disappointment

Learn what to order and, more importantly, what not to order with your next Uber Eats/Grubhub/DoorDash/Postmates/Seamless delivery! The author suggests solid alternatives to those cravings that don’t transport well between restaurant and your dining table. Follow her lead and your next meal won’t be a sad, soggy mess that you eat anyway because you paid too much to toss it in the trash.

Don’t believe everything your favorite celebrity says…

A recent study found that many celebrities are posting misinformation about the coronavirus. Please don’t believe everything you read in your social media feed… and if you find something related to COVID-19, take a minute to verify it with the CDC or WHO website, or confirm it’s a scam on the snopes website before you go reposting or sharing with others.

If you are an Oregon resident, use this site

Feeling sick and live in Oregon? This website can help determine if you might be infected with COVID-19, locate the closest hospital with an available bed or offer advice on weathering the coronavirus at home. It also informs medical professionals of possible surges in infections so they can better prepare for an increase of patients.

Does history really repeat itself?

Read how the Spanish Flu of 1918 influenced the years after– before Wall Street collapsed and the start of the Great Recession. The behavior of people radically changed and could forecast what our post-pandemic future looks like.

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