COVID-19 Resources

With COVID-19 / Coronavirus infections escalating, we are living through some pretty scary times. I have found some helpful resources and some good, quality entertainment that I really want to share with you all. If you come across something amazing you think I should profile in a future post, send it my way (

Here’s why you need to stay home

This model shows how specific state government actions can affect how well we flatten the curve. Click on your state and, by hovering over the graph, you can see the estimated number of people in hospitals for each day. It’s pretty scary stuff and makes you realize how important it is to stay home. By only venturing out when absolutely necessary, you do your part in curbing the rate of possible infection.

Fear not, you have more TP than you think you do

A clever website that estimates how many days your toilet paper supply will last after you plug in how many rolls you have on hand. The advanced options button allows you to get even more accurate results when you add a few more details about your usage. Running the numbers helped me realize we have plenty of TP!

Stock up on wine because you’re going to need it

While we know hoarding toilet paper is bad– if you still have a job, please buy wine directly from your favorite wineries. Lots of wineries are offering deals of all kinds. The Oregon wineries in the Willamette Valley Wineries Association is busy compiling their members offers. Coming soon: recipes and playlists to pair with the wines you’re buying!

OMG, cats and dominos!

This video provides 3 full minutes of cats interacting with dominos… what a great way to escape!

Take an online class

Need a distraction from the news? Great! Learn something new by attending these online classes offered by Ivy League schools. There are many different types of topics, something for everyone.

Tour the world’s museums from your sofa

Virtually tour museums around the world and fill your heart with art!


Did you make a resolution to read more books? If so, the New York Public Library has got you covered. They are offering more than 300,000 online books, some in audiobook form too.

In a world far, far away

Gaze at the world beyond our world– outer space! NASA has images, videos and space missions, all online.

I plan to share more resources in the coming weeks so be sure to visit Winerabble again!

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